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Operation Health
The health game
Operation Health is an entertaining and educational game in which the teams compete to
promote health in the workplace – the fun way. In the course of the game, the participants
learn about health and get lots of inspiration and useful suggestions for a healthier workday.
Everyone can take part regardless of their level of physical fitness, since the participants
compete in teams, not individually.
The game is divided into a number of rounds with different themes. The themes and the
number of rounds can be adapted as desired. Each round includes a factual part where the
participants acquire knowledge and have to answer various questions. The teams also have
to complete a fun activity related to the theme of the round. For example, in one of the
rounds the participants experience how not getting enough sleep can affect performance,
and in another round their ability to understand product information labels is put to the test.
During the game, the teams are also asked to come up with ideas for how improve health
in their own workplace. All the ideas are uploaded to a digital board via the participants’
mobile phones, and during the game the teams have to vote on one another’s ideas. The
easier it is to put the ideas into practice, the more the teams increase their chances of
winning. An example of an idea is for all employees to stand at their desks for at least 30
minutes twice each day, or for the first person to arrive in the morning to put water out on
everyone’s desk. To help generate ideas, we’ll bring lots of material for inspiration.
Team building

No. of participants
6-500 participants
1-3 hours
Danish or English
Level of difficulty

Target group
All employees, irrespective of age,
gender and position in the organisation
Three versions of the game are available:
We’ll also keep track of how the teams are doing so everyone can follow. The game involves
several strategic point-scoring elements, as the teams have different ways of affecting one
another’s scores. There is a strong competitive aspect, and each game will be a fight to the finish.
The game follows Danish Health Authority recommendations. Our instructors will guide you
through all the rounds from start to finish. You won’t have to change clothes, and you can
participate as you are.
All employees can take part in Operation Health regardless of their level of fitness.
The game is suited to a wide range of events where you want to include a fun and different
activity to provide a boost and renewed inspiration for the workday. For instance, the game
could be played at the end of a meeting, training course or conference, as a fun activity
before dinner, or as entertainment or a team-building exercise at the office summer party.
Operation Health is particularly suited for daytime hours.
If you have any questions or you would like to book Operation Health, you are welcome to
contact us on tel. +45 70 227 112 or For further details about the game,
and to book around the clock, please visit
Lykke & Co. A/S is the company behind a variety of games and entertaining team building activities for companies.
We've been around since 2007 and put on more than 300 events a year · · · +45 70 227 112
0-30 participants
DKK 12,995
Standard (most popular)
0-40 participants
DKK 14,995
41-60 participants
DKK 19,995
61-80 participants
DKK 24,995
81-100 participants
DKK 29,995
100+ participants
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0-40 participants
41-60 participants
61-80 participants
81-100 participants
100+ participants
DKK 19,995
DKK 24,995
DKK 29,995
DKK 34,995
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